The Goggle Box – Yep, It’s Addictive


Better Call Saul S01E04 – “Hero”
Four episodes in and yes, Better Call Saul is a damn fine TV show. Already it is clear that the twists and turns are just going to keep coming and escalating and the story of the rise of Saul Goodman is merely beginning. Bob Odenkirk is absolutely nailing it right now too, going above and beyond his previous portrayal of the character and he hasn’t even hit the highest highs of absurdity yet.

Like that other show before it, BCS has a huge emphasis on cinematography in each episode. The team behind the scenes well and truly outdid themselves this week, between the opening flashback in a dingy alley, the epic visuals of Jimmy growing into his new suit and billboard or that incredible bit of lunacy as Chuck experienced the morning sun of Albuquerque. The look of the show is a huge battle to win these days, score one to BCS.

As for plot, this week we’ve finally managed to hit the point where the wheels start moving for Jimmy. Not without consequences of course – it’s unlikely that’s the last we’ve seen of Nacho and a strong enemy has been made with Jimmy’s billboard stunt. Not to mention what shenanigans Chuck may produce after sneaking a copy of the Albuquerque Journal. The ball is rolling on this one, God only knows what next week is going to bring.

Better Call Saul is available Tuesdays at 7am on Netflix

TWD11 The Walking Dead S05E11 – “The Distance”

Many changes are clicking into place as TWD reaches another milestone that has comic readers giddy with excitement at seeing crucial junctures realised and TV only fans are sitting in eager anticipation of what is to come. Much like the build up to the prison story arc, exciting times are afoot as a shift in dynamic is coming over the next few episodes. Good or bad I’ll never tell but stay tuned is all.

Balance was key this week as we got one of the most evenly structured hours in the context of dialogue versus action. Aaron brought with him some interesting conversations with Rick seemingly the only one of the group overly cautious while the rest are happy to believe him after having some small proofs confirmed. Rick has reason to be the most cautious in a lot of ways – as leader of the group he sees every death as being on him and of course he has two children to look out for. Michonne is a great opponent for him in these arguments – she has come from the worst to a far more stable way of being and nearly resembles Rick had he kept the moral compass he began this series with. They’re finally managing to juggle the talky bits, yay!

As for the action well, holy hell. Grand Theft Zombie was something else and once again we had a Hero Zombie Kill with the flair to the head. It may seem gratuitous and it stands out a little but in order to keep all of the millions of viewers the eye candy must prevail. One final note, social media seemingly exploded as a result of the same sex kiss in this week’s episode. Sweet Jesus, grow up. For starters this series already has a conformed homosexual character (Tara) and I mean come on – blood, guts, decapitation, murder, attempted rape, child death and more; is a simple kiss between two men really going to spark controversy. Cop on people.

The Walking Dead airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX

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