Springsteen Set For Croke Park


As an avid Bruce Springsteen fan and as the proud owner of an unused Garth Brooks ticket it’s hard to respond to this news with anything but at least mild trepidation; but all signs indicate that Bruce Springsteen is set to play two nights in Croke Park this coming summer.

Speaking on Newstalk breakfast earlier this week GAA director-general Paraic Duffy stated there would be one more concert announced for Croke Park in 2015 to accompany The Script who will play there in the summer. Multiple sources this morning now claim that the 65 year old Born In The USA hit maker will take on two nights in the Dublin stadium. Questions now fly. Residents, City Councils, unions and associations. If these gigs are confirmed in the next few days, will they actually go ahead?

Look, we’ll ignore it I suppose, and as far as damage control goes this is as good as it gets. The cancellation of Garth Brooks’ five night one-off in Dublin was an embarrassment and still lingers whenever the stadium is mentioned. Crucial to this announcement is the fact that Springsteen has no tour dates announced for 2015. Is this the tour launch? Is it a one-off? He has done it once already, winding down his mammoth years of touring the Wrecking Ball Tour with a week in Ireland taking in Cork, Limerick, Belfast and Kilkenny. If this is a special show for the Irish or better yet the tour opener (shirking the usual kick off in New York/New Jersey) then we can feel very privileged indeed.

Taking an assumption that the Long Branch, NJ rocker is indeed headed for Croke Park, two nights would be essential. His preferred venue for more than a decade in Dublin has been the RDS where he entertains 40,000 fans a night for one to three nights and so the upgrade to Croke would be most justified by taking in 160,000 ticket holders as opposed to the usual maximum of 120,000. I have thought myself for a long time now, as fond of the RDS as I am, that it was a wasted opportunity to not have The Boss hop across the river, especially after seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers flop to a half empty stadium some years back.

Most important of all, I’ve seen more than my fair share of cowboy hats and bandanas at Springsteen gigs over the years so it looks like the sellers can open up the storage units after the loss of Garth crushed their revenue so poorly. It’s already starting to feel a little warmer with this summer to look ahead to.

Image courtesy of clarepeople.com

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