The Inbetweeners 2 Review


Judgement and critique isn’t something you can exactly direct towards the Inbetweeners franchise. For starters, it has absolutely no shame whatsoever. Ninety percent of the humour in it comes from taking the envelope and just flinging it off a cliff. The second main reason is that, it’s funny. And that’s all it has ever claimed to be. And with this latest movie, that tradition is still alive, albeit with less strength than the first installment.

The plot? Professional bullshit artist Jay has bragged up his gap year in Australia to school friends Neil Simon and Will, the latter two now in university and Neil, hilariously, being awarded best non-Aisian employee  accolades in his post education employment. Fed up with the same old shtick in England they decide jetting off to Australia on student loans is the best plan of action. Of course, they arrive to find Jay more than living up to his artificial reputation, and some plot devices enter the fray.

The TV series of the Inbetweeners, as all great comedies do, has its stand out fan favourite moments. Will planking when he attempts sex for the first time, Jay claiming to be a top DJ in Ibiza and Simon beating the living hell out of his own penis during an embarrassingly flaccid moment. Credit must go to this film, none of these jokes are repeated, aside from Jay’s exaggerations which are perfectly highlighted in his first five minutes of screetime! New and original set pieces are conceived and, particularly the water park and Neil’s quest for water in the outback will be immortalised in the Inbetweeners canon.

It ain’t perfect but it is exactly what anyone should expect when going to see it. You’ll laugh, you’ll further strengthen your bond with this band of lunatics and above all else, bants will be had (makes more sense when you’ve seen the movie). In all, it falls slightly short of all that has come before it in the series, but The Inbetweeners 2 is as solid enough an offering as it needs to be.

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